AimPoint Green Reading Clinics
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There are 3 designations for AimPoint Classes--Introduction, Fundamentals, and Advanced. These are the minimum requirements for an AimPoint Clinic, if your class did not comply with these please notify Mark Sweeney at

Introduction to Green-Reading (I)

AimPoint Fundmentals (F)

Advanced Green-Reading (A)

Class Length--1 Hour

• Primary Green Shapes
• Inflection Points
• Zero Lines
• Break Direction
• Capture Speed Dynamics

Class Length--2 Hours
Limited to 20 foot putts

• Primary Green Shapes
• Inflection Points
• Zero Lines
• Putt Geometry
• Angular Reads
• Basic AimChart Usage
• Measuring Green Speed
• Estimating Slope

Materials Provided--AimChart

Class Length--2 Hours on Course
Prerequisite-Level I

• Anchors, False Anchors, and Offsets
• Advanced Shapes
• Break Lines
• Combination Reads
• Multiple Breaks
• Advanced AimChart Usage
• Blended Slopes
• On Course Process
• Green Mapping